Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Setinggi Angkasa, serendah Inti Bumi

That's complication in my life, everythng i do, it will be wrong
I can't expect the movement of someone about me
The reality is illusion for me
But I will make the history about me, and will give the inovation for our World

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Everything destiny

This is my destiny, my heart, my body, everything in my life only for you

Senin, 04 Januari 2010


" Tomorrow, we wil go to Solo ", said Father. Me and My brother was very happy with this decision. At the same day, we prepared all things which we need. " Father, tomorrow, I must go to school, so all of us will go after I go to school ", I said. " OK, We'll go after I pick you " said Father. One days later, after I go to school, at night, My father pick me up to House. Arrived at house, My Mother and my young brother was ready to go. But, my father who usually drove car, he ask that he was tired so he change with new Driver.

This road takes 9 houra, from 24.00 until 09.00 WIB. Arrived there, My first destination is " Soto Tipes ", I think this place is us Obligation if we go to Solo. My father said, " where we will stay ? ". " How about Novotel Hotel ", my brother said. " But we have go there 2 times " my father said. Along the road all of us think where is place which match us pretension. " How about Ibis hotel ", my mother said. " That's good idea, we haven't gone there ", my father said. After arrived the Hotel, my father checked in 2 rooml. At the room, " It's comfortable, thank you father, mother " I said. " OK, at 2 o'clock we will go to hometown, and don't forget brings your important things ", my father said. " Ok pa, see you later ", I said.

After I cleaned out my bodies, we went to my Hometown, Sukoharjo. Before went to hometown, my father bought some flowers which it was used for " Nyekar ". " Nyekar " is traditional culture to remind your family or other people. My destination is Graveyard, Before we entrance there we must say Assalammualaikum, before that place have attendant,so we must do politely. After do " Nyekar ", we visited relative in hometown. I was very happy because i met my neighbour and relatives. After we left hometown, we went back to the hotel.

" Father, this night is " Malam Syuro ", how about at night we go to " Kraton " to see Festival " I said. " OK , but I think we stay in here because at " Kraton " is crowded ", My father said. " Ok Father"I said.

One days later, I and my young brother went to swimming pool in that hotel, my brother can swim but he still scary with depth water so he didn't enter the dept pool. But we play ball likes voli. After we do everything in this hotel, we prepared to go back into my House.

After everything was ready, we leaved that hotel and Solo, with happy feeling. In Boyolali, we visited " Star Steak " Restaurant. This place dish out of steak, french fries, etc. And this restaurant gave cheap prices, it makes us always go there if we go to hometown. After we ate, we continued trip. Arrived house, all of us felt so tired and Happy. " This is the Best Holiday ". END

Minggu, 22 November 2009

Pradipta Baskara

Pradipta Baskara is my friend when i was in junior high school. I met him for first time when me and him weared wrong shoes, my and him shoes are exchanged. He always try everything so he could be the best, One of things why I could be him best friend because he is humorist, he always make every situation to be fun.
Not only of that, he could make some games, one of that is trivia game. It can play by as much as need, but I think, it take a role by 6 people. First time you must do " gambreng ", one of who diffrent than another can take the first play. And than you can choose category, after that you must answered question what they ask.
He always could everythings so he can be the best, me and him always compete everyrhing and it makes me underfire to be the best one. He is the best gamer, likes me, he like RPG game, It games contains many trivia that we must solve that .
Hia brother, angki always play with Dipta, sometimes they fights another until one of them is tired.

Unforgetable Experience

On Thursday, I got my competition result, and that's result is very nice,
i pass that competition, it will impossible if Allah didn't help me. Because of that,
i begun to study hard so i can achieve the best result on final test.
I modified all my schedule so i had enough time to study for the test. At sunday, i woke up earlier than normally because my mother. With my family, I went to 70's high school where the place's test. Arrived there, I looked for my room test. When I standed in front of my room test, someone touched me from behind, its make me startled. At that fact, someone who touch me, he's my friend when in junior high school that's make me so happy because i could gather together.

Sabtu, 14 November 2009


On day was very challenging, maybe for some people it is a very common thing, but I think that day is a great day. With the addition of me as a high school student Competitive Affairs Mohammad Husni Thamrin, I must obey all the rules in this school, one of which is staying in the dorms, the dorm situation is very different than at home, in dorm life is not normal, to reach the normal stage, the level of effort required to adapt to this situation. I am very grateful to have a very conducive environment, and possess excellent dormmate and fun, he was Azka, azka is a very good listener, so if I have problems he will try to help.
My Schedule Boarding:
1. Woke up at 04.00
2. Subuh Prayers
3. Free time until 06.00
4. Bath and so on (06.00-06.15)
5. Breakfast (06/30)
6. Carry out duties as a student (learning) (07.00) until the completion
7. Prayers Dzuhur (12:00)
8. 'Asr and Isha
9. Rest (04/30)
11. Maghrib and Isha Prayers
12. Learn
13. Sleep
This is how life in a dorm full of challenge, but fun

Jumat, 06 November 2009


First time in school, I felt a great happiness
because they have new friends, new classes and new teachers.
On that day, I just sat quietly, without calling each other
it's like day without living things.
But a few moments later there was someone who greeted me, and I quickly said hello back immediately, he is Yudis.
The first person I knew was Yudis, he was very good and we talk to each other about the experience while in junior high school.
My life at that time did not think that life here is very different than schools in general, at the beginning of the lesson I was able to master it, but day after day I feel it is very difficult to do.
I was thinking how to adjust myself to the environment is very heavy. At this school a lot of things are very positive things I need into the future, but I have not been able to master it.
But thanks to the support of parents, I began to try to achieve the best results.